LRI FW Freedom Fusion 6 White, 2 Red LED Headlamp

  • Headlight / Flashlight
  • Single-button operation
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Unbreakable high intensity LEDs
  • 24 K gold plated contacts

Product Description
ATTRIBUTES Batteries Included: Yes Bulb: 6 Red LEDs 2 Yellow LEDs Carry System: Head Strap Belt Clip Carry Case Finish: Matte Black Material: Plastic Power Source: 3 x AA Special Features: Glow-In-the-Dark Button Hand Held or Headlamp Submersible: No Switch: Push Button On/Off/Variable Brightness/3 Strobe Modes/Auto SOS… More >>

LRI FW Freedom Fusion 6 White, 2 Red LED Headlamp

5 Responses to “LRI FW Freedom Fusion 6 White, 2 Red LED Headlamp”

  1. Wonderful! I think it’s worth the price. Everybody asks: “Cool! Where did you buy that thing?”
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. After reading other reviews I was sold and bought the LRI Photon Fusion headlamp. It meets all my expectations. I’ve used it for hiking, working around the house and I even used it for inspecting a new fire truck our city purchased. It had enough light to accomplish all the above. Also I wanted a light that took “AA” batteries because they are alot cheaper to buy and my other flashlight takes the same batteries.I highly recommend the Photon Fusion, especially if you want quality.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. This flashlight is great! I am a student pilot and I needed a flashlight during night flights and this flash light has everything a student pilot needs. First, it has red light function that can change in brightness which is very useful at night. Also, the headstrap and the clip that came with the light are very good and handy. I’ve bought three flashlights before this one and always been disappointed but this flashlight has everything I need with no flaws. Battery life and brightness are very good too.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I purchased this as a gift for my pilot fiance specifically because it had bright white LEDs and red LEDs for use at night to preserve night vision. The lamp does not disappoint! There are several levels of brightness for the white LEDs as well as the reds which I think is a first for headlamps (at least out of the scores I’ve looked at). This will be a handy tool when he’s in the plane at night and needing to look at plates! No more messing with a flashlight, just push a button, get the desired intensity of red, and he’s good to go! The white LEDs have an incredible range at max brightness and it will come in handy when biking and working in the dark. There is also a neat SOS feature which will flash “SOS” in morse at the brightest white LED level, definitely good in emergencies! The lamp is detachable from the headband and usable as a flashlight and a table light.

    We’ve only now started using it but this will be a great lamp for biking, nighttime explorations, anytime a flashlight would be used but especially for flying! This appears to be the best on the market that combines white LEDs and red LEDs. The kit also comes with Energizer batteries, not cheap, generic, low-charge batteries. Always a plus! Hopefully this lamp will prove itself in the long term. If anything negative crops up I will attempt to post it here, otherwise I highly recommend this lamp, especially for pilots! I must get one for myself now!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I purchased this light primarily for camping, but since receiving it I have used it for everything from taking out the trash to late night trips out to the shed! It is extremely easy to use, and the controls are simple to get used to. The switch is behind a clear membrane to keep it free of dust and moisture, and is big enough for me to use comfortably. The head strap is very comfortable, and adjusts quickly. The head of this light pivots up and down so that you can chage it from a good walking angle to a good biking light angle. I am now hooked on LED technology, and I think that the L.R.I. FW Photon Fusion Headlight / Flashlight has done it right!

    Review update: I have now owned my light for over 4 years, and it is still going strong! I had to contact the manufacturer once for replacement parts (shut my light in the truck door), and they provided the replacement parts FREE OF CHARGE! This light has become a permanent part of my outdoor life, and I would highly recommend it!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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