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Nintendo has cut the price of the 3DS drastically, their financials are in the toilet, but hey – you MIGHT get Majora’s Mask 3D! Also, Max and Tara chat about the latest Metro: Last Light gameplay trailer, Ubisoft’s insistence on DRM, and funny PR releases. ~~~~~~~~~ 00:53 – Ubisoft says DRM works so SUCK it! 02:43 – Metro Last Light gets second gameplay video 04:23 – Serious Sam publisher mocks Origin, allies with Steam 06:24 – Operation Moonfall wants to get Majoras Mask on 3DS 08:28 – Nintendo cuts 3DS price to $170, gives games to early adopters 11:52 – Nintendo posts huge loss in first quarter financials ~~~~ Watch more of the Destructoid show! ~~~~ Have any questions or suggestions for us? Well you’re in luck, because we now have a DESTRUCTOID HOTLINE! Call OR TEXT 775-553-8643 day or night to leave us a message, and we might play it on the show!

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  1. …There is a game with Nazi Dinosaurs, I’m surprised you didn’t know this.

  2. @solid786snake I understand what you mean, but you should’ve tested it first. I played the 3DS at my friend’s and I was okay with the 3D half way up. Have you tried putting the 3D bar near the middle and not all the way? I know that that’s how I like it.

  3. Tara, I saw you on Epic Mealtime

  4. It is 3D cuz j used it before so don’t say It is crap u didn’t even use it yet

  5. If the 3ds dies…im gonna be soo pissed coz I wasted my money on this shit

  6. Anyone else her the remix of Splash Woman’s stage at 6:50 ?

  7. @angus7021
    Do not say the 3d is optional
    the 3d is the main feauture on 3ds
    nintendo left alot of hardware crap bcoz the taught the 3d was enough
    if i cannot use 3d then 3ds is shit
    and i never use 3d bcoz it hurts ur eyes and its not even proper 3d
    i got ripped off and now nintendo is tryna pay us back with games tht came out 1980s-199
    i hardly play 3ds bcoz the games and nintendo thinks am gnna play these shitty games?
    if this happened ps vita they would have gave us ps1 games not frm 80s

  8. Gears of war is overrated enough! Now they need board games? Come on.

  9. @jgalena1000 No because when Ocarina of Time came out, it was supposedly the first game in the series. So when you play it, that’s all you need.

  10. @solid786snake pfft the 3ds’s 3d (which is optional) is only bad for, like, 6 year olds and under. A parent would have to pretty stupid to get a kid that when they are that young.

  11. “LOL BOOBS!
    I KNOW,

  12. @0incorporeal You do know that the 3D is optional, right? Not only that, but there are plenty of wii games that don’t use movements. So you’re in luck ya lazy bum.

  13. @0incorporeal eye-strain?

  14. I agree with conquerlord, alot of people thinks that the 3ds sucks, until they actually try it out, many people i know, who actually has one or tried it, said that at first they thought it would suck, and then they would say it was amazing.

  15. @conquerlord321
    Great graphics?? wen Ps vita releases then u can say good graphics and plus Ps vita has wayy better functions and controlds
    3ds only added shitty 1 analogue stick it has shitty 3d effect not good 4 kids and most people have 3d off the games are shit so far dnt buy this if u have DS

  16. @tom11zz884
    ahah have u seen the shitty 3dses shitty console and shit sales
    its the shittest console i have it and i wasted money on it 220 pounds fuk nintendo never ever gonna buy a nintendo console again there offereing shitty 20 games from 1980s and 1990s every1 says it shit no 1 has it in my area
    PS VITA is 10 times better no matter whos sales are more its not like nintendos ur dad there gonna give u money u dumb bitch

  17. @FlameSpyro1 yes

  18. @XmusicXchikkX You can show your support for Majora’s Mask 3D if you sign this petition: PetitionOnline. com/OpMnfall/petition.html and writing an email with your petition to or send an email in facebook, looking for nintendo, nintendo of america and operation moonfall

  19. conquerlord321 on August 12th, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    @tom11zz884 The 3ds isn’t that bad, it actually has great graphics for a portable system and many good functions and applications that go with it.

  20. ….ooh….sorry but i just cant resist to troll….i wana cum on your face and you eat it then you get ass fucked by me…there you go now thumbs me up bla bla bla..

  21. Oh, Nintendo, always with the novelties these days. I don’t give a shit about 3D (or even HD for that matter) all I want is good games. How many times can they re-release old greats such as the LoZ series before they actually get embarrassed to not be making anything original any more? I want to control my games using buttons, not wrist actions or whatever, and I don’t want to get eye-strain looking at tiny 3D images, either.

  22. Piece of shit 3 DS should be on sale for $79.99

  23. @steelfoe Sony’s not gonna do that..they are way too greedy, and because of that greediness, the 3 DS will outsell the sony nearly 50 to 1.

  24. Some people have commit suicide thanks to the new price of the 3ds XD

  25. @GrimInstincts I hope you bought it in a store with a good best price guarantee – bought mine on the 31st, but I will get a refund when the price goes down (within 30 days of purchase), and I still get the 20 games… I love it when the system works in my favor…

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